This is the Biggest Lie About Meditation

One change, and you will get it right.

Learn this, grasshopper

You’re doing it wrong. Not.

  • Listen to music and use visualization.
  • Stare at a candle and imagine thoughts burning.
  • Observe your thoughts and then observe the observer.
  • Count to 100, backward.
  • Eat Taco Bell and smoke weed (not preferred, but I’m not judging).

You can’t stop thoughts

Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to stop your thoughts. The more you try, the more will come. This logic is why so many people think they suck at meditating.

  1. You are in a river of thought. Instead of washing away with the river, stand in the middle of it, and observe.
  2. Traffic is cruising past you. Don’t try to hop onto the cars traveling through, but watch and notice.

Observe without judgment

You are not your thoughts. They don’t define you. When you believe a thought, it turns into an emotion. Emotions are genuine. Your body holds onto these feelings. That’s why we let the thoughts go.

I write things people like to read. I try to challenge and inspire, but sometimes I offend. Let’s have some fun. Connect here:

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