These 7 Frequencies Clear 7 Chakras

Easy chakra cleanup with sounds and music.

396 Hz for Root Chakra

When the first chakra is blocked, you are overwhelmed by fear and guilt. These emotions are the lowest vibrations. If you feel sluggish or constipated, tune in, and focus on releasing any shame or fear looming inside you.

417 Hz for Sacral Chakra

Get your sexy on, baby. This chakra is all about creativity and sensuality. If you feel insecure, tune in, and find new ways to express your unique and beautiful self.

528 Hz for Solar Plexus

You have power. You have strength. If you don’t feel it or your tummy is upset, this is your chance to shine (pun intended). This frequency is known as a DNA-healing frequency. Listening to it and picturing the sun will transform your life. This one is my favorite jam.

639 Hz for Heart Chakra

Love, peace, and acceptance — now we are getting to the good stuff. I wrote an article that tests if you are pure love. If you’re not, sit a while with this flowing into your ears. See if love begins to flow out of you.

741 Hz for Throat Chakra

Are you clear in your word, expressing your true self? Maybe your sore throat or an overactive thyroid are trying to tell you something. Visualize these sounds coming into your throat and giving you clarity.

852 Hz for Third Eye

Bring in focus, clarity, and intuition with 852 HZ sounds. From here, you begin to see life as it is. You find yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience. Your vibrations are high.

963 HZ for Crown Chakra

These sounds will liberate you into enlightenment. Your pineal gland will tingle. Listening to this with your other chakras cleared, you will find your inner prophet. You will become your own guru.

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